Align people and process
with purpose to create
Community Health without walls

SOAR Vision Group, Guidehouse, and the Baldrige Foundation formed a powerful partnership to support Hospitals & Community Organizations managing COVID-19.

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Every community manages multiple priorities. Aligning them is the challenge.

Flawless orchestration and execution differentiates winners.

Clarify what your organization should and should not pursue and clearly translate it across every layer of the organization.

You must be able to quickly respond to change market needs, and then operationalize them into tangible actions.

Effective structural integration creates a feed back system to recalibrate your focus & action.

Gain the winner’s edge with the tools and expertise to accomplish your strategy and get the right things done.

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Does your organization or community have a FOCUSED strategy?

How well do you translate your strategy into intentional, effective ACTION?

Does your FEEDBACK loop provide relevant, accurate data to drive a nimble response?

See how connecting communities helps solve complex problems

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Community Management during and after the Pandemic

Feedback from leaders has been the need to have:

Instant access to the key deliverables agreed upon

Information that is always updated and accessible

A guide to conversations regarding executing on deliverables

The ability to not drive blind, particularly in this time of transition

Gwinnett County's Pandemic Response Insights

Scott Mawdesley (Team Leader, Gwinnett County Cares) talks about lessons learned, growth and experience with SOAR Vision Group and the use of Pulse Community to care for undeserved communities in Gwinnett County.

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Creating a Health System without Walls: Taking Action

Resource Visibility

  • Load balancing
  • Supply capacity
  • Pharmacy: low supply/high demand emergency medications (Vax, Cipro)
  • PPE & Ventilators
  • Food and Housing Capacity
  • General admission and Provider Access capacity
  • Coordinated Planning

  • Elective Procedure Surge
  • Telehealth Expansion
  • Human Services
  • Monetary fund distribution/tracking
  • Food allocation
  • Housing allocation (shelters & beds)
  • Food Stamps
  • Public Safety
  • Law enforcement, Fire response, EMS (multi agency load balancing)
  • Volume/Service Allocations

  • Managing Cooperative Agreements
  • Public and private clinic appts
  • Medication assistance
  • Food assistance/food bank/ Meals on Wheels
  • Social service referrals
  • Mental health services
  • Drug addiction support
  • Housing assistance
  • Ready to unify your community resources?

    Learn how to start implementing your Strategy Execution System.