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SOAR: Where Strategy Meets Execution

A Systems Approach to Overcoming Common Challenges

Opportunity to Accelerate your Performance Excellence Pathway

Here’s How SOAR Works:

Step 1

Clarify your organization’s vision and strategy

Step 2

Identify the Performance Gaps and Opportunities

Step 3

Implement SOAR’s Strategy Execution System. Why aren’t we achieving our strategy?

Step 4

Achieve world class results

Ready to accelerate your performance excellence journey? 

Innovation Council Roundtable

June 6-7, Atlanta, GA

Non-Profit: Health System Board Chair/CEO Event

Learn More About This Roundtable

You Are Invited To Participate In A Board Chair And Ceo Roundtable, June 6-7, 2019, At The Grand Hyatt In Buckhead, Georgia Discussion Facilitators:

  • Pam Knecht, President & CEO ACCORD LIMITED, faculty member at the Governance Institute, and consultant to the AHA on governance topics.
  • Dr. Roger Spoelman, Executive Advisor Strategic and Operational Integration Trinity Health.
  • Ben Sawyer, President & CEO SOAR Vision Group, Strategy Execution System architect and Accelerated Baldrige Performance Excellence pathway co-facilitator.

Join A Small Group Of Peers In Interactive Discussions About Leadership Of Performance Excellence In Health Systems

June 6: Kick-off Dinner And Discussion (6:00 PM – 8:30 PM)

Work Less and Achieve More by Morten Hansen, Ph.D., author,
Great at Work, and co-author Great by Choice with Jim Collins.

June 7: Morning Roundtable Discussions To Include: (8:00 AM – 11:30 AM)

  • Strategy Development in the Age of Consumerism
  • Maximizing the Patient Experience
  • The Role of Innovation in System Differentiation

Networking Lunch (11:30 Am – 12:30 Pm) 

June 7: Afternoon Roundtable Discussions To Include: (12:30 Pm – 4:00 Pm)

  • Governance Practices that Accelerate Performance Excellence
  • Effective Guidance of Strategy Alignment and Execution
  • Practical Application: Case Study
  • Key Conclusions Summary

Only 5% of a company’s employees understand how their strategy impacts their job function.

Source: Harvard Business Review

They’re disconnected.

GALLUP estimates the cost of poor management and lost productivity from employees in the U.S. who are not engaged or actively disengaged to be between:

$960 billion & $1.2 trillion/year

Traditional management systems struggle to inspire employees because their approach leads to:

  1. Unclear and misaligned expectations
  2. Ineffective and infrequent feedback
  3. Misplaced accountability

It’s why 7 of 8 companies failed to achieve profitable growth.

(Profit from the Core, authors Chris Zook and Jamie Allen report that seven out of eight companies in a global sample of 1,854 large corporations failed to achieve profitable growth. Yet 90% of the companies had developed detailed strategic plans with much higher targets.)

Solution: Strategy Execution System.

Aligning people with purpose to achieve exceptional results.

Strategy Consulting and Strategy Deployment

How we can help you SOAR:



Knowledge Gap

E-Learning Courses:

Achieve strategy execution alignment.

Performance Gap

Playbook Coaching:

Assess performance gaps, solve problems, create aligned and cascading scorecards to drive customer value.

Visibility Gap

Tracking and Analytics Software:

Real-time performance visibility regarding what is impacting performance.

Deployment Gap

SOAR Guided Engagements

Execute your strategy at fraction of the cost.

How is the Strategy Execution System deployed?


1. Discover

Organizational Discovery

  • Complete a high-level assessment identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Process walk-throughs
  • KPI performance review

2. Analyze

Strategic & Operational Analysis & Learning

  • Detailed efficiency and effectiveness analysis.
  • Stakeholder assessment of existing and potential market opportunities.
  • Report-out of findings cross-referenced to a comparable exemplar strategy.


1. Strategize

Establish an effective Strategy

  • To overcome the Market gap
  • To overcome the Knowledge gap
  • To overcome the Performance gap
  • To overcome the Visibility gap

2. Organize

Strategy Deployment

  • Align, focus, and engage the team in cascading and coordinated planning and action.
  • Improvement Paradigm: Stabilize, flow, pull, and improve the system always seeking perfection.
  • Focus on the Prize: Customer value creation = loyalty.

3. Activate

Optimize performance.

  • Dashboards: Performance Monitoring
  • Daily Standard Work: Organizational alignment
  • Consistent Rounding: Frontline engagement
  • Catch Ball Process: Performance Improvement

4. Recalibrate

Continuous Improvement.

  • Learn: from monitoring results and performance scenarios.
  • Adjust: operational PDCA cycles and Executive planning cycles clarify necessary countermeasures.
  • Stabilize: Hold your gains.
  • Continuously Improve

The SOAR Difference

1. Simple
2. Comprehensive
3. Affordable

The SOAR Strategy Execution System enables any organization, from small do-it-yourselfers to large, complex organizations, to achieve the results they desire, at a cost they can afford.

Ready to optimize performance?

Learn how to start implementing your Strategy Execution System.

Ready to optimize performance?

Learn how to start implementing your Strategy Execution System.

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