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Every organization has a playbook.

Flawless execution of the playbook is what differentiates the winners.

Similar to top performing sports teams, prioritized FOCUS, dedicated ACTION, and real-time performance FEEDBACK are the foundation for winning performance in your organization.

SOAR provides you the winner’s edge. We supply the tools and support necessary to help you make sure the right things are done right!

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SOAR PuLSE™ provides everything you need to monitor, measure and manage your organizational performance in a easy to deploy cloud delivered tool. Link strategy, action, and results.
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Strategic Priorities

Start or sustain your journey by tackling a targeted strategic priority to optimize performance – such as reducing length of stay, achieving Medicare break-even, optimizing patient satisfaction, or driving clinical outcome improvements.
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Strategy Execution System™

This expands your strategy deployment structure, including catchball and mission control, to help you accelerate the focus, action, and feedback loop necessary to win and sustain your gains.
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Cultural Transformation

Achieve meaningful results and organizational purpose by accelerating your cultural transformation via continuous improvement, Baldrige, or High Reliability
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Leadership Development

Empower and develop leaders as your foundational element of success applying SOAR’s Executive Change Leadership (ExCL) practices.
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Dr Charles Peck,
(Recent) President & CEO Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center

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Kim Bordenkircher, MBA, BSN, RN
CEO Henry County Hospital

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