You and your colleagues have set out to accomplish an important strategy, right?

Now you need to make sure that strategy is accomplished, fulfilled, completed, implemented. Basically, you’ve got to execute.

This process of executing on your strategy is called strategy deployment.

How does strategy deployment work?

Strategy deployment focuses and aligns people and processes to effectively orchestrate the fulfillment of the organization strategy, thereby achieving customer-first, zero-defect performance, enabling the organization to rapidly respond to market threats and opportunities.

Now, strategy deployment, it turns out, is a well-established science.

In fact, strategy deployment is the top level of a broader efficiency science called lean. 


What is lean?

You may have heard of lean before, but just in case, lean is the process of maximizing customer value while minimizing waste, which means we want the best value for the customer while using the fewest resources.

Strategy Deployment Course

This video marks the beginning of our strategy deployment course, where we’ll start with a broader discussion about strategy itself, what it means to execute it well, and some symptoms of what this looks like, both in organizations deploying strategy effectively and in organizations that struggle with strategy deployment.

Watch the video above (or read this post) and then visit our blog to keep learning about strategy deployment and how this execution discipline can help you fulfill your strategy and soar.

Ready to optimize performance?

Learn how to start implementing your Strategy Execution System.

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