“No excuses.
No Explanations.
You don’t win on emotion.
You win on execution.

Tony Dungy

How well is your execution?

Is your organization running as well as it could?

How do you know?

How should you improve its performance?

To achieve peak financial performance, you need to understand your organizational needs and individual motivations.

Customer Value
Organizational Effectiveness
Employee Engagement

What does it take?

1. Strategize

Establish an effective Strategy

  • To overcome the Market gap
  • To overcome the Knowledge gap
  • To overcome the Performance gap
  • To overcome the Visibility gap

2. Organize

Strategy Deployment

  • Align, focus, and engage the team in cascading and coordinated planning and action.
  • Improvement Paradigm: Stabilize, flow, pull, and improve the system always seeking perfection.
  • Focus on the Prize: Customer value creation = loyalty.

3. Activate

Optimize performance.

  • Dashboards: Performance Monitoring
  • Daily Standard Work: Organizational alignment
  • Consistent Rounding: Frontline engagement
  • Catch Ball Process: Performance Improvement

4. Recalibrate

Continuous Improvement.

  • Learn: from monitoring results and performance scenarios.
  • Adjust: operational PDCA cycles and Executive planning cycles clarify necessary countermeasures.
  • Stabilize: Hold your gains.
  • Continuously Improve

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