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How are you coordinating and managing the CDC's COVID-19 recommendations?

Baldrige Foundation National Webinar, COVID-19 Crisis Management

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SOAR Vision Group, Guidehouse, and the Baldrige Foundation formed a powerful partnership to support Hospitals & Community Organizations managing COVID-19.

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Rapidly establish and manage your COVID-19 response plan with PuLSE™


Create a command infrastructure for centralized management of your COVID-19 response. Establish a single official organizational source of truth.


Have a fully accessible infrastructure system pre-populated with the latest CDC healthcare preparedness guidelines in as little as 72 hours.


Orchestrate your COVID-19 response with real time access to new directives, policies and procedures as they are developed.


Establish a single point of communication for status updates, measure tracking, fact reference and accountability.

Your healthcare organization's strategic management must be timely.

The Coronavirus alert has arrived.

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Initiated with CDC COVID-19 US hospital response plan, customized to your specific organization's needs.

  • CDC* (Centers for Disease Control) COVID-19 US hospital preparedness action plan.

  • Immediately available to all US Public Health authorities, Acute Care Hospitals, Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing facilities, Rehab and Urgent Care organizations.

  • 10 step CDC check plan

  • COVID-19 volume tracking and ownership assignment

  • Available via mobile devices and desktop web browsers

  • Deployed in as little as 72 hours

  • Distributed to all hospital employees

  • Fully customized to your organization's leadership, team and operating hierarchy structure.

* Not associated with the CDC/FEMA or other government agencies. The CDC COVID-19 Preparedness plan/Checklist is freely available on the CDC website. All COVID-19 recommendations are the work of the CDC and its agencies. Guidelines are evolving and subject to change as more is learned about the virus. As stated on the CDC website, none of the recommendations are required by any law and are provided as options to effective management of this acute disease outbreak. Soarvisiongroup strongly recommends that all federal, state and local health authority regulations are monitored and followed.

  • Ready-made and complete online version of the CDC's COVID-19 preparedness plan.

  • Fully online and securely accessible by all employees

  • Provide centralized policy distribution and communication access

  • Assign responsibility to relevant departments and groups

  • Track status of each action in a simple scorecard view

  • Track compliance performance to special policies and procedures

Centrally Track all COVID-19 Statistics in a custom Dashboard

  • Volume of active COVID-19 patients

  • Quantity of available AIIR beds

  • Occurrences of HCP that have been exposed to COVID-19

  • Volume of COVID-19 transfer cases

  • Unlimited number of additional supportive measures

The special COVID-19 release of PuLSE+COVID is a pre-configured ready-to-deploy and focus featured version to directly support the immediate and ongoing strategic management of the Coronavirus crisis.

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