How is your Strategy Deployment?

SOAR organizational ‘Top 10’ Assessment

Are you concerned that things are going in the wrong direction?

Are there no clear approaches defined to deal with known performance gaps?

Is coordination lacking between departments and/or units?

Are improvement initiatives reactions to problems instead of a continuous search for opportunities to improve?

Is meaningful engagement and problem solving between executives and frontline workers missing?

Are competitors beginning to offer better products and/or customer service than your organization?

If 6 strategic plans were put in front of your organization, would people would have a hard time determining which plan is yours?

Are individuals assigned to solve problems, versus effective cross-functional teams?

Do improvements stay within departments versus being shared with other parts of the organization that may benefit?

Are improved processes not well documented and confirmed as the new standard operating

If you answered “yes” to any of these 10 questions, Strategy Deployment with SOAR will help you:

  • Stabilize – Ensuring the four M’s (manpower, methods, machines, materials) are adequate & effective.
  • Flow – Eliminating bottlenecks, unnecessary delays, or workarounds in the process.
  • Pull – Creating JIT demand fulfillment to consistently deliver downstream production requirements.
  • Optimize (seek perfection) – Continuously evaluate performance against target measures, and conducting rapid cycle improvements, ensuring goals are consistently achieved.

Ready to optimize performance?

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