What is Strategy Deployment

Strategy Deployment is the process of executing on your strategy.

Strategy is the high level vision and orchestration necessary to fulfill your organization’s mission and goals, and Deployment is taking the actions required to implement that strategy successfully and repeatedly.

Strategy Deployment is one part planning, and one part execution.

In a word: Strategy Deployment is the execution discipline.

Just as no plan is successful without taking action, actions are useless unless performed within a strategic plan. Any business lacking either a strategy or a concrete plan to accomplish it will flounder.

Obviously, that is the broad answer. Understanding what strategy deployment means is the easy part.

Understanding what it means to your organization or business is a bit more difficult — you have to spell out your strategy for success, and then execute it, and lead your team members to execute it as well.

Tailoring this strategy and the actions it requires to your specific business is what the Strategy Deployment Institute specializes in.

Who Is Strategy Deployment For?

Strategy Deployment is for everyone! It is not just for the leaders of an organization, it is for each and every member. Strategy Deployment is part of the broader field of science called Lean, which is the process of maximizing customer value while minimizing waste — you get the happiest customers while using the fewest resources.

Employees have a huge value in Lean science. Part of their jobs as employees is creating value for the customer, and Lean emphasizes the fact that every employee has the right to be successful in doing so all of the time.

It is difficult to accomplish this, however, when 70% of all employees don’t even know what their company’s strategy is!

If your employees are not on board with Lean principles, or do not believe that they are allowed to be successful, or do not even know what the strategy of their company is, then they will not be creating value for the customer.

Strategy Deployment, then, is not only for the leaders in the company, but for each and every employee as well.

Everyone in your organization should be focused on customer value creation, which lies at the heart of every business strategy.

How Do I Know if I Need Strategy Deployment?

Just like any illness, organizations will show symptoms when they have misaligned employees, a lack of strategic vision, and inefficiency in their ranks. Three major symptoms are:

  1. Straddling the Fence — organization goals change during stressful periods

  2. Misalignment — there are unresolved conflicts between players

  3. Poor Performance — the organization does not consistently achieve its goals (sales, client satisfaction, quality, and the like)

Take a professional football team, for example. Their goal is always to win. Their playbook is filled with offensive strategies and defensive strategies, which they practice to perfection day in and day out. They can not prepare for every contingency, but they can perfect their strategies.

Every member of the team knows the goal of the team, to win, and they become experts at executing that strategy on the field.

While you might not be a professional sports team, you are a team of professionals dedicated to your craft, with the right to be successful every time and to make your organization consistently successful.

Where Do I Start?

The first part of Strategy Deployment is determining the focus of your company, and the unique focus your company provides in order to separate yourself from the pack.

Ask yourself these four questions about your organization. Then ask all of your employees.

Every member of your team should be on the same page when it comes to the answers:

  1. Where do we compete?

  2. What unique value do we bring to win in those markets?

  3. What resources and capabilities do we utilize to deliver that value?

  4. How do we sustain our ability to provide that unique value?

Once you have a clear idea of what your organization does best and what you use to deliver, then you can determine how your organization can continue to create customer value, and begin to focus on execution.

You have a good strategy? Great! Now it is time to optimize how you achieve it.

That’s what Strategy Deployment is: the effective and repeatable execution of your organization’s strategy. Here’s how we can help >>