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What Is The Playbook Coaching Process?

Strategy Execution System Deployment

Our Process

  1. Grasp the situation.
  2. Identify your ‘why’ or system aim.
  3. Establish an effective, performance improvement rhythm.
  4. Get a highly reliable, customer first, zero defect operation.

Get ready to SOAR!

Step 1: Strategize


Grasp the Situation

We begin with Grasping the situation (GTS) a comprehensive performance gap assessment

Find the Answer

Together, we find the answer to what is holding your organization back from achieving breakthrough performance?

Clarify and Execute on Your Strategy

We confirm together the right objectives, initiatives, action items, and performance measures essential for your team to fulfill
your strategy and achieve dramatic and sustainable operational performance.

Step 2: Organize

Deploy the Strategy

Align, focus, and engage the team in cascading and coordinate planning and action.

Improvement Paradigm

Stabilize, flow, pull and improve the system, continuously seeking perfection.

Focus on the Prize

Keep your strategy execution aimed at the heart of the organization to maximize customer value.

Step 3: Activate

Dashboard Performance Monitoring

Deployment of cloud-based mission control, including organizational and departmental dashboards.

Daily Standard Work Alignment

Monthly deployment leader reviews and regular frontline operational performance rounding.

Continually Monitor Progress

Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual and 3-5 year reviews to continuously improve strategy execution and organizational

Step 4: Recalibrate

Learn & Improve

Continuously identify gaps and necessary countermeasures to achieve performance targets.


Adjust & Hold Gains

Plan, do, check, and adjust (PDCA) cycles, including A3 performance improvement training, is conducted at all organizational



Hold the gains with simplified standard operating procedures.


Continuously improve

Foster an innovation culture.

How is the Strategy Execution System deployed?


1. Discover

Organizational Discovery

  • Complete a high-level assessment identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Process walk-throughs
  • KPI performance review

2. Analyze

Strategic & Operational Analysis & Learning

  • Detailed efficiency and effectiveness analysis.
  • Stakeholder assessment of existing and potential market opportunities.
  • Report-out of findings cross-referenced to a comparable exemplar strategy.


1. Strategize

Establish an effective Strategy

  • To overcome the Market gap
  • To overcome the Knowledge gap
  • To overcome the Performance gap
  • To overcome the Visibility gap

2. Organize

Strategy Deployment

  • Align, focus, and engage the team in cascading and coordinated planning and action.
  • Improvement Paradigm: Stabilize, flow, pull, and improve the system always seeking perfection.
  • Focus on the Prize: Customer value creation = loyalty.

3. Activate

Optimize performance.

  • Dashboards: Performance Monitoring
  • Daily Standard Work: Organizational alignment
  • Consistent Rounding: Frontline engagement
  • Catch Ball Process: Performance Improvement

4. Recalibrate

Continuous Improvement.

  • Learn: from monitoring results and performance scenarios.
  • Adjust: operational PDCA cycles and Executive planning cycles clarify necessary countermeasures.
  • Stabilize: Hold your gains.
  • Continuously Improve

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