It’s a verb defined to devise a strategy or strategies to accomplish the organizational purpose.


A strategy is only as good as its deployment.

What good is a goal if you have no method to reach it?

What good is a plan if you have no way to execute on it?


Strategy Deployment is the art of implementing a strategy across an organization.

Does your organization have a good Strategy Deployment process?

Are all levels of your leaders and associates aligned toward the same goals?

To get started in this process,

we’ve built a simple tool to help assess your organization’s currently Strategy Deployment process. It’s built around some simple questions, yes or no. You’ll count up how many yeses you answered, and then we’ll help you score your organization’s Strategy Deployment.

But just a hint, if you’re answering even one yes we know you can benefit from a Strategy Deployment process.

Learning and deploying the Strategy Deployment discipline and processes have turned many organizations around from poor performance to great performance.

Take heart. Your organization too can win and soar. So again, welcome and we look forward to refining the Strategy Deployment process with you over the coming modules.

Ready to optimize performance?

Learn how to start implementing your Strategy Execution System.

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