Achieve your strategic priorities!

Length of Stay Reduction and Throughput

Eliminate excess days by improving patient care transitions from the ED to the Nursing units, initiating D/C planning upon admission, and optimizing order management and patient care transitions.

Medicare Break-even Performance

Transition effectively to full value-based care models with improved operating efficiency, starting with Medicare break-even performance. It’s what winning organizations are doing.

Patient or Staff Engagement and Satisfaction

Improve patient and staff satisfaction via improved care coordination processes including predictive patient care itineraries to achieve timely and effective patient discharges.

Clinical Quality Outcomes Improvement

Focus on activities that improve population health, ensure the affordability of care, and deliver the best patient experience consistent with the Triple Aim.

Operational Efficiency Improvement

Establish mission control hub and spoke processes that leverage real-time information and advanced technology tools to orchestrate hand-offs and achieve high-performance results.

Strategic Priority Considerations

Are there strategic priorities in your organization that need to be achieved now?

Perhaps reaching Medicare breakeven, or improving operating margin?

Whatever the strategic priority, you can achieve it with a Strategy Execution System deployment

The FOCUS+ACTION+FEEDBACK Loop ensures you can achieve your priorities.

It’s like putting three new legs on your performance excellence stool.

Get the Right Things Done Right!

Strategy Execution System

Why do Strategies Fail?


of leaders cannot recognize and act upon their organizations strategy when it is made available to them.

(Source: John Kotter. When CEO’s Talk Strategy is Anyone Listening? HBR.)


of EMPLOYEES do not understand how their job connects to the organization’s strategy.

(Source: John Kotter. Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail. HBR.)


of organizations fail to achieve their profitability targets because of POOR EXECUTION on their strategy.

(Source: Chris Zook & James Allen. Profit from the Core.)

What does Getting the Right Things Done Right look like?