Achieve your community wide-strategic priorities!

Higher Inter Agency Coordination

Improve Public Service Effectiveness and Efficiency

Enhance Community Status Awareness with Unified Communication Boards

Establish Operational Efficiency metrics

Create Public Quality-in-Service Community Dashboards

Strategic Priority Considerations

Are there strategic priorities in your community that need to be achieved now?

Perhaps ensuring the food security of your residents or minimizing homelessness?

Whatever the strategic priority you can achieve it with the deployment of PuLSE Community, a unique Strategy Execution System that addresses the unique challenges communities face.

The FOCUS+ACTION+FEEDBACK loop built into PuLSE Community ensures you can achieve your priorities.

It’s like putting three new legs on your community-wide performance excellence stool.

Get the Right Things Done Right!

Strategy Execution System

Why do Strategies Fail?


of leaders cannot recognize and act upon their communities strategy when it is made available to them.

(Source: John Kotter. When CEO’s Talk Strategy is Anyone Listening? HBR.)


of employees and volunteers do not understand how their job connects to the organization’s strategy.

(Source: John Kotter. Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail. HBR.)


of communities fail to achieve their performance targets because of POOR EXECUTION on their strategy.

(Source: Chris Zook & James Allen. Profit from the Core.)

What does Getting the Right Things Done Right look like?