Soarvisiongroup provides a Amazon Cloud enabled, web delivered software solution that integrates with all of your local operational systems and manages your people, objectives and performance goals from one simple, unified view.

Across communities align people, teams, and agencies with shared strategic priorities and coordinated actions.

Simplify, and coordinate the complex.

PuLSE makes it easy to convert community priorities into an easy to understand daily focus guide for any member at any level of the organization. Personalized objectives, goals and strategically relevant metrics are delivered to each user. Align critical strategies with meaningful metrics and daily action using SOAR’s PuLSE Technology.

Make it easy for everyone to know they create a link in achieving the communities priorities

Motivated teams create action. Aligned teams create results.

Keeping everyone focused on how they contribute to success. Give them the data that matters to them.

Technology in a Nutshell

Pulls it all together

Maintains details, requirements, dependencies and relationships of your organizational strategic plan. Gets everything related to the strategy compiled in one place. Easily accessible to everyone.

Makes it easier

Simplifies complex data management. Integrates and combines disparate data sources. Creates easy to use, relevant and meaningful user views that makes sense to people. Information is presented in way that help then do their work smarter and with clear purpose.

Lets everyone know what going on

User role relevant views of strategy, responsibility, daily actions,active projects and important measures provided awareness for each level of the organization.

Gets everyone on the same page

Provide simple but specific, focus boards for each department and functional group to make it easy for them to know what they should be working on to be successful.

Simplify a complex strategy deployment with an easy to use tool.

Embed Organizational Discipline in your Strategies Deployment


PuLSE makes it easy to convert a complex organizational strategic plan into an easy to understand daily focus guide for any member at any level of the organization.
Make it easy for everyone to know what part they play in the organizations objectives.


Department and functional areas have personalized daily objectives, goals and strategically relevant actions highlighted as part of their daily review process. Make it easy for everyone to know what part they play in the organizations objectives.


Success metrics are visibility in any phase of the strategy review process as well as in process or department oriented Dashboards and balanced Scorecards. Cultivate openness and transparency in operational effectiveness

Features and Benefits

Get Up and Running Fast

A comprehensive solution like this doesn't mean its hard to get going. Executive dashboard can be deployed and put to productive use as quickly as 30 days, Incremental deployment mean that you will get increasing value all along the implementation time line. Expanding and maintaining the system is very easy and fully within your control so you will always have the ability to leverage the systems ability to suit your changing needs.

Cloud Delivered

Easy to deploy and easy to maintain. Nothing to install. Immediate access to your AWS Healthcare secured website. We even make it easy with single sign-on from your organization.

Any Device, Anywhere

Access your strategy, metrics, dashboards, scorecards, active projects and thier current status,from you office or while on the move. Any modern browser on PC's of all varieties of OS's as well as IOS and Android phones and tablets are all supported. We might even work on that old palm pilot and Newton.

Any Data, from Any System

We integrate data from the major EHR system (EPIC, Cerner, MediTech, etc). We also draw data from other clinical system, Financial, Billing, Business intelligence, Supply management, Staffing, Risk Management, and Logistical Control Systems. Data can be collected by pulse via API,simple flat file data structures or even direct user entry. If the data exists and is being reviewed by someone currently we can take it and ensure it is presented with its organizationally relevant strategic objective.

SOAR PuLSE™ (Application Modules)

It's really hard to make something this simple to use.

Strategy Planner

  • Universal visibility of all components of the organizational strategic plan

  • Includes strategic requirements, accountability, operational dependency, rational, related measures, targets and success criteria.

  • Creates alignment to the foundational basis of the entire strategy deployment process.

Set the course!

Strategy Focus Boards

  • Highly configurable for each department or specific problem focused needs

  • Standardized Daily/Shift huddles to maintain department focus and progress awareness

  • Enhances organizational alignment awareness

Create the focus!

Trending Dashboards

  • Easy access to complex data

  • Presented in simplified and easy to understand views

  • Creates data driven awareness to help focus staff on actionable information

Track the progress!

Catchball Manager

  • Facilitates the mobile, Executive to Frontline, rounding process.

  • Provides guidance to leadership participants on departmental objectives, methods and problem insights.

  • Keeps interactions focused on problem solving, results and measures.

  • Records details of historical progress, barriers, accountability and follow up as well as successes and celebrations.

Help get folks talking about the right stuff!

Cascading Scorecards

  • Easy access to complex data

  • Provides a strategy hierarchy based view of the current performance status and their related strategic actions

  • Informs users on current value, % to target, trending direction and overall operational condition.

Keep score of everything!

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