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Welcome to the Activate course for the Strategy Deployment Institute!

Before we dive in, let’s review a few key items in a strategy deployment process:

  • First, the playbook process, which is required to set up your Lean Operating System.
  • And second, the key roles that are needed to ensure that your Lean Operating System functions well.

The sample strategy deployment playbook process required to set your Lean Operating System, requires a launch event and four sequential steps.

The duration of your playbook process is primarily dependent on two things:

One, senior leadership commitment and resolve.

As we discussed in the Organize course, sometimes executives underestimate how hard it can be to drive people out of their comfort zones while also grossly overestimating how successful they have already been in increasing the urgency for change.

And two: organizational size and complexity.

Obviously, the larger the organization, the longer the playbook process. For very small organizations, the playbook process may only require weeks or months to implement. For very large organizations, the playbook process normally may take a few years to complete the four deployment steps.

How do you make sure, then, that you’re getting the right things done?

As we discussed in both the Strategize and Organize courses, each organization has a solar system of activities representing how these different roles are aligned around the north star purpose, to accomplish the organization’s goals and objectives.

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